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Bosman Watermanagement

Bosman Watermanagement has already been specialist in the field of water management for eighty years. We develop quality and unique solutions for pumping stations and wastewater treatment plants, such as plate aerators and the Fuzzy Filters.

In the course of its existence Bosman Watermanagement has gained a lot of experience. It has also built up a lot of expertise and has developed itself into an important competitor on the market. The strength of our company can be found in our great problem solving skills. 

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Bezoek ons op de Aqua Nederland vakbeurs

13,14 en 15 maart nodigen wij u graag uit op de Aqua Nederland vakbeurs in Evenementenhal Gorinchem. Kom alles te weten over de nieuwste ontwikkelingen omtrent waterzuivering.

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Bezoek ons nu op Aquatech Amsterdam
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Van 31 oktober tot en met 3 november nodigen wij je graag uit op de Aquatech Amsterdam. Kom alles te weten over alle nieuwe ontwikkelingen omtrent waterzuivering. Registreer je nu gratis en bezoek ons op standnummer: 7.330. Tot dan!

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