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Vision fish friendly pump

Bosman Watermanagement presents a new fish friendly pump type: the Vision.

The Vision is a fish friendly pump type, specially designed to enable fish migration through a pumping station. The Vision is suitable for both new construction and  renovation of pumping stations, and is available in a range of standard modules, with a capacity range of approximately 12-300 m3/min.

Fish friendly features
The most important objective in the development of the Vision was to prevent damage to fish when pumping water. Research has shown that most damage to fish is caused by fish colliding with impeller blades, crushing in narrow gaps or grinding of the fish along a rough surface.By using a pump with fewer impeller blades and guide vanes, a larger passage and a lower speed, damage to fish can be prevented. 

New design
We discovered the solution in the application of a mixed-flow impeller with one blade, combined with a wide volute without guide vanes. The impeller also has a blade with a special spiral shape, whose fish friendly features have been shown in several independent studies.

Research & Development

For the hydraulic design of the Vision, Bosman Watermanagement BV has worked closely with Eindhoven University of Technology. Model tests were done in-house by Bosman Watermanagement BV. The tests have taken place according to international standardized norms. The fish-friendliness is demonstrated by extensive tests. With the Vision a proven fish-friendly concrete volute pump is added to our delivery program.

Watch the Vision-test movie: Click