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Moby mobile pumps

For emergency situations with extreme amounts of rainfall, Bosman Watermanagement B.V. has developed the Moby drainage to achieve a flexible and drainage pumping station. 

The Moby is a mobile, submersible, pumping unit which can be used almost everywhere. Because the Moby is not just a basic pump, but an arrangement of bottom plate, screen, suction provision, pump and pump pit with a pressure port, the employability is optimal.

The Moby is available in 7 standard modules with a tube diameter range from 600 till 1400 mm. The Moby has a capacity range of ca. 10 to 720 m³/minute with a head of 1 till 30 meter. In between jobs, Moby is used for rental at the renovation of grinders.

The Moby installation is composed of a steel shaft pump , wherein the pump is housed. The pump shaft contains a horizontal pressure port. The bottom of the pump shaft is provided with a suction box surrounded by a demountable screen. In order to minimize the blockage sensitivity, the passage in the screen is dimensioned in such a way that the speed of the water between the bars is as low as possible.

Bosman offers Moby mobile pumps for rental regularly to renovate pumping stations. 


  • supplementary pumping capacity for flooding
  • emergency pump during maintenance work on pumping stations 
  • draining sewage treatment plants during maintenance