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Fuzzy Filter

The Fuzzy Filter is an innovative and cost effective filter, which is suitable for the removal of suspended solids from (waste) water.

The strength of the Fuzzy Filter lies within the Fuzzy ball. This unique filter medium is compressible, and has a high porosity, whereby the Fuzzy Filter has a few special properties. One of which is that it can reach high filtration rates. Because of the innovative features of the Fuzzy ball it is able to capture and store suspended solids at high filtration rates, which can reach up to 100 m³/m²/h. The Fuzzy ball is able to expand because of its compressibility, whereby the solids in the pores of the Fuzzy ball will be loosened. Due to this, the Fuzzy balls can be washed by only using non filtered influent water and air.

Because the Fuzzy Filter is built up modularly, it is a very flexible and compact system. Also the Fuzzy Filter® is available in a wide variety of sizes. All these aspects are making the Fuzzy Filter suitable for various applications.

Fuzzy Filter rental

In order to solve temporary problems with suspended solids, we have Fuzzy Filter units available for capacities of 5 to 400 m³/h.