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Plate aerator

During the last 25 years, Bosman Watermanagement has developed an aeration system for biological wastewater treatment plants during the past fifteen years combines an excellent oxygen transfer efficiency with a long service life. This is achieved by use of alternative materials and special production techniques.

We have already installed over 70,000 plate aerators in over 2,000 treatments plants. Traditional tube and disc diffusers are manufactured from EPDM rubber. The plasticizers inside cause aging of four or five years of the membranes, which means the performance decreases. The plate aerators' special plastic can function fully optimally for a long time. The lifetime of the plate aerators depends on a large number of company circumstances and is different for each installation. We have come across enough references of projects, where our plate aerators have been in use for over twenty years.

With these plate aerators we can realize high oxygen input efficiencies. For calculating the most important process information, Bosman Watermanagement has got sizing program, specially designed for the plate aerators.

Plate aerator rental

Bosman Watermanagement can also use extra plate aeration temporarily. To take care of extra aeration capacity, we have got the following components:

  • plate aerators, built together on frame constructions
  • connecting pipework
  • complete blower installations with potentially an aggregate

To provide temporary aeration capacity, we developed special frame constructions with respectively four or six plate aerators, which we can easily apply to existing aeration basins. Also, we can supply a large amount of pipework out of stock.