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Pumping station St. Germans

Start date 21-12-2005 Completion date 28-05-2010 Client Middle level commisioners Power 6 x 1250 kW Type 6 x BEVERON 210 Capacitance 6 x 16,67 m³/sec

One of the biggers orders for Bosman Watermanagement is a completely new built pumping station, one of the England’s biggest: St. Germans Pumping Station.

With pride Bosman Watermangement installed a total of six pieces of the Beveron 210 pump, which Bosman Watermanagement possesses in its own right. Each pump has a capacity of approximately 17,000 liters per second, with delivery heads of five meters. 

On YouTube one can find a video of this project, made by the BBC. You can watch it by clicking here