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Vision pump pumping station Groenewege

Start date Completion date Client Water Board Scheldestromen Power Type Vision 60 pomp Capacitance 45 m³/min

By order of Water Board Scheldestromen the capacity of pumping station Groenewege has been increased by the installation of an additional pump.

The increasing of the capacity has been realized with a fish-friendly Vision 60 pump with a capacity of 45 m³/min. The pumping station is future-proof now, because this Vision 60 pump makes a potential increasing of capacity in the future possible.

The choice for the Vision was made based on demonstrated fish-friendliness and high efficiency. A unique characteristic of the Vision pump is its fish friendly impeller shape with only one blade, combined with a wide volute without guide vanes. This design is maximizing the survival chances for both fishes and eels and ensuring a high pump efficiency.

Another reason for the selection of the Vision pump was that the mixed flow hydraulic of the Vision pump ensures venting of the discharge pipe over the embankment without using a complex vacuum installation.